Seven things you can do to help save our bit of paradise


We are working to make The Shank more eco-friendly than it already is, but we need your help. We can all reduce our impact on the environment by making choices. Here are our thoughts;


  1. Conserve Energy

We are very energy efficient but you can still help, switch off lights and close windows where possible. We recommend using the individual thermostats in each room.

  1. Give the Car a Rest

This is the country, there are plenty of walks along the Broads, hire a boat or visit Somerleyton Hall opposite. Bring your bikes, it is flat and easy plus we have maps

  1. Shop Local

Use local products, here are but a few local producers that we use when visiting.,, ,,,, is a current farm shop favourite as they do veg boxes! or


  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Try to avoid overly packaged goods and say no to that extra carrier bag. If shopping during your stay, please use our reusable bags and support us in our efforts to recycle -


  1. Be Water Wise

All our water is recycled into the reed beds, please help them work efficiently by using phosphate free detergents for washing and cleaning. Stop the Algae. Our water is metered so help us to help you by being considerate. 


  1. Respect Nature

Enjoy the swifts drinking from the lakes and if you see Harry the Heron, remember it is his home as well so please help us to look after the landscape and wildlife by not littering.

Ensure you follow the Countryside Code.


  1. Support Local Green Businesses

There are lots of businesses going green here in East Anglia. Please support them